HongMeng OS May Be Announced At Huawei Developers Conference

HongMeng OS

Chinese tech company Huawei is going through a bad phase due to the US trade bands these days. Because of this trade war, many American companies have announced to end their business with Huawei, but Huawei has not allowed these incidents to dominate and next month Huawei’s developers conference has been announced. This developer conference will be held from August 9 to August 11. It will be held at Donguan, an industrial city in China and Huawei may announce HongMeng OS.

This time the developers conference will also be special, because this time the company will talk to its developers on many important issues. The company’s main focus in this developers conference may be to the US Trade Bans.

Huawei may announce new HongMeng OS at the developers conference due to several US technology companies ended relationship with Huawei in the last week of May, Google also did not give Android security patches to Huawei’s smartphones. After which Huawei is moving towards developing its own operating system.

Huawei can present its corresponding operating system at this developers conference. According to the latest reports, Huawei’s operating system can be named HongMeng OS. It will be an open source operating system like Android. Several reports have come up in the last one month regarding this operating system. However, no official information has been received about this operating system from the company. This official information can be found in the key note of this Developers Conference.

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Talking about the features of the HongMeng OS operating system, it is designed for data centers, network switches, smart home devices as well as smartphones and other devices. Apart from this developer conference can also be announced about SmartHome, Sport Health, Smart Travel, EMUI, AR / VR and Huawei Pay. Huawei is quite conservative with its trade bands.

However, US President has given US companies permission to continue their business with Huawei later. In the US Department of Opt Intitiation, Huawei is still black-listed, due to which she can not serve her in the US. Now, it will be interesting to see what Huawei is going to take on its future plans in its developers conference.

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