You Can No longer Install Google Apps On Huawei Mate 30 Devices

huawei mate 30 pro

The past couple of months have been rough for Huawei and its users. Huawei was constantly in conflicts with Google because of the US-China Trade War.

But Huawei, in spite of all of these problems, launched the Mate 30 series of smartphones. Of course, there were no pre-installed Google apps and services, but there was a solution, a backdoor.

There was a third-party application, namely LZPlay, which allowed users to easily get Google apps and services on the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro devices. Users could simply access their website or some other mirror on a website, and could comfortably download the app.  The only requirement was that the installer app was to be signed with a special certificate from Huawei.

Now, getting the services via LZPlay or any other way is not possible because the app is no longer available on The website itself has gone down.

Even if one manages to find the mirror of the APK, he won’t be having the “special certificate” which is necessary to access the backdoor.

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This method surely brought hope to all the Huawei fans outside China who use Google apps and services daily. I guess we all will have to wait until the current disputes settle. For now, we don’t know if Google is ever coming back to Huawei.

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