WhatsApp Status Ads Said to Be Coming to Android Soon

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The instant messaging app WhatsApp is now going to change. That’s because, WhatsApp status ads said to be Coming to Android Soon. The most important thing about WhatsApp was without ads now that is about to end. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with no ads. Its business model did not have advertising. But now Facebook, which is the parent company of WhatsApp is now planning to make money by advertising in WhatsApp.

According to the reports, ads will now be seen on user status. If you use Instagram, then you may have seen advertisements in Instagram’s Story. Since Instagram is a Facebook company, Facebook is now preparing to bring this advertisement model to WhatsApp.

Even before that we have told you about many reports, which makes it clear that there will soon be ads in the WhatsApp. According to The Wall Street Journal, advertising will start showing in WhatsApp status from 2019. Let you know that the WhatsApp founder has left Facebook for advertising and data privacy in WhatsApp. However, there are many reasons behind this.

Some new features are coming in instant messaging app WhatsApp. One of these is the dark mode which people were demanding from a while ago. According to the reports, the company is working on Dark Mode and will be updated soon. Let you know that dark mode has already been given in twitter and YouTube applications

According to the report, WhatsApp is working on new updates, under which the feature of Swipe Two Replay will be added. These features are present on iOS long before, but this was not the case with Android. Users can reply to the message by swiping right by swipe to reply. Significantly, there is background black in the dark mode black and the text appears in different colors.

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