WhatsApp Rolls Out Self Destructing Message Feature

Source: whatsapp.com

WhatsApp will soon introduce disappearing messages, which will be very similar to the features of Snapchat. With the help of this feature, messages will automatically disappear from your chats.

According to the new report, WhatsApp has started working on the new beta update where disappearing messages feature was introduced and we can see this feature soon in the stable update in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp was recently testing the disappearing messages feature which was first spotted in Android 2.19.282 beta. According to a WABetaInfo report, the disappearing messages feature in the Android 2.19.348 beta update has been renamed to Delete Messages and has also been seen in some group settings. 

Source: WABetaInfo

If you also want to use the new feature then you can download and install Android 2.19.348 beta update by joining the WhatsApp beta program from the Google Play store. In this, users can set the time to delete the message as per their convenience.

Your messages will disappear automatically under the set time. Users will be able to set the time from 1 hour to 1 year delete the messages in their app.

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