What is SAR Value ?

sar value

SAR value is the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). It is a criterion with whose help we can measure how much quantity of electromagnetic waves are being radiated by using any electronic device, Getting absorbed by To measure this rate, it is seen how much power we absorb in our Tissue weight. Its Standard Measurement is measured in Watts per kilogram (W / kg). This radiation mainly affects the two parts of our body. One is our head and the other one is body.

In order to standardize these radiation, the government has made some fixed standards, which suggests that no mobile manufactures can create or mobile in the market above this standard. These are standard goods of India and US which is 1.6 Watt per Kilogram (W/kg) made of 1 gram of Tissue. According to the European standard, 2 Watt per Kilogram (W/kg) made of 10 grams of Tissue.

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There is a lot of misconception among the people that the mobile which has a low SAR value is right for us, but I want to tell you whether SAR Value is less or more, but it is a very dangerous thing for us. Yes or the point is that the lesser the mobile which has less SAR value, they are less threatened by a person. But remember that the amount of time you use that mobile can also be used to estimate its worth. SAR Value Nothing is simply an absorption rate that is of radio frequency waves.

How to Check SAR Value

As we all know that all mobile phones have specific SAR values. But now the matter arises, how many do not know how to know it, it is absolutely easy to know. You just have to dial in your mobile *#07# and it will display the SAR value of your mobile in your screen.

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How SAR Testing is done

It must have come to your mind about how this SAR test is used. Let me tell you for your information that for this, our body is prepared like a model in which some things like our Tissue are put in order to make a real human model. After that, radio frequency (RF) is tested in our various parts to check their absorption rate.

From both sides of our head, that radiation is tested from different distances so that it can be ascertained how far the radiation absorbs most of our heads. After doing all such tests, a detailed report is prepared, all the highest SAR values ​​in this report are all mentioned to the frequency band. After this, it is sent for Government authorization and if it is approved then it is ready to come to Market in the market.

Radiation is so dangerous for us

These mobile radiations are very dangerous to us as we all know. But this danger is most dangerous for most children, old men and proud women. Because his body most absorbs these radiation. Therefore use your mobile phone as low as possible. And if you are doing it, do not leave it attached to your body for a long time as it absorbs the absorption. If I believe, use the head phone so that the phone and the other can be a bit distant.

How RF Radiation Affects Our Body

We already know that radiation is not good for us. Many of it can affect our body very badly. For the information you have mentioned below

  • If this radiation takes our body for a long time, our tissue can be broken down, which can cause great damage to our DNA.
  • Some doctors believe that chances of having brain tumors and cancer increase greatly.
  • The radiation se is indirectly on our right headache in our body, tingling in the head, constant tiredness, dizziness, depression, sleep deprivation, eyesight, no medication, noisy hearing, lack of hearing,
    memory Deficiency, increased incidence of digestive disorders, irregular heartbeats, joint pain etc. increases the likelihood of getting sick.
  • If this radiation continues in our body for many years, then it increases the likelihood of getting dangerous disease like multiple sclerosis, depression, autism.
  • This reduces the digestion of reproduction.

How to Avoid Radiation

Because this radiation is very dangerous to us, therefore they should be as far away as possible.

  • Phone should talk as much as possible in the speaker mode, it is advantageous that the intensity of radiation decreases in multiples.
  • If your phone is not to be used for a long time, do not leave it in On Mode, then turn it off.
  • Mobile phones should not be used in low signal strength, because at this time radiation is the highest.
  • If possible, do more text or message instead of calling.
  • Do not use Mobile Phone at all in Lift, Cars, Train and Planes, because the highest radiation is there.
  • If you are living in the house, use Land Line instead of Mobile.

If you follow the things mentioned then you can take good care of yourself and your family members.

Well, as we are getting more modern, our comfort is increasing. Mobile phones have now become part of our lives, if so, they have become the gadget in most of this era. The essence of many research is that we should use such inventions responsibly. Use as much phone as possible, which has a lower SAR value. If at all possible, then it is better to use it as little as it is possible. Do not buy any mobile because its cost is low but it should be noted that its use does not hurt you.


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