What is Cloud Storage and how to use it?

cloud storage
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Cloud storage means that all your data will be stored online in a server that you can use anywhere and whenever you want. If it is seen, if a common man is asked about it, if he does not know anything about it then he will understand that you are talking about any change or weather. But let me tell you that Cloud storage is a storage system that has the data stored in off-site storage system and one third hand handles. You store the information you need in a remote storage instead of your personal computer or a local storage. Through Internet, you can access this database from your own computer at home.

If we talk about cloud storage, it has proved to be very fame as compared to traditional data storage. For example, if you keep any data in the cloud storage system, then you can access it from any place of the world very easily. For this you do not need to take any physical storage device as we used to do earlier. If you need to, you can give authorization to access your data to another person so that you can not stop working without being indulgent there.

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Types of Cloud Storage

So far, we have come to know about cloud storage very well. Now let us know how many types of Cloud Stores are available. If seen mainly, the four types of Cloud Storage are Personal, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Storage.

Personal Cloud Storage
It is also known as Mobile Cloud Storage, the personal cloud storage is a part of the public cloud storage in which the individual’s data is stored in clould. And its access is given to that person so that he can be accessed from anywhere and from anywhere. It also facilitates data syncing, so users can access it from any device.

The example is Apple’s iCloud.

Public Cloud Storage
Storage This Storage is not for ordinary people, but large enterprise here stores your data. Enterprise and cloud storage providers do not work together in Enterprise Data Center. They do not manage storage, but they do the same company which provides storage service to these enterprises. For this enterprises need not take much tension.

Private Cloud Storage
is a form of cloud storage where enterprise and cloud storage providers become either integrated or in enterprise’s data center. Here is the infrastructure of storage provider in this private cloud storage, in enterprise’s data center and which is usually managed by the storage provider. Private cloud storage helps solve any security threat, and fixes any performance issue, and also gives all the advantages of cloud storage.

Hybrid Cloud Storage
Hybrid Cloud Storage If there is a combination of public and private cloud storage, some of the critical data enterprise’s remains in the private cloud, the other data can be stored and accessed by the public cloud storage provider.

Cloud Storage Requirements

As we know that when the data is kept in cloud storage, some aspects are highlighted in such a way that the critical data of the company is always kept safe, secure, and available so that their correct use when needed To be. For all these things, some fundamental requirements that are considered before placing the data in the cloud storage. So let’s get some more information about them.


Due to the durability of data is given special attention, therefore the data should be redundantly stored, it is also kept across multiple facilities and also placed in multiple devices. So that natural disasters or natural disasters, human mistakes, and mechanical faults can not be reached without any harm to those data.


All the data should always be available at the time of need so that they can be used properly. But there is a huge difference in the production data and archives. An ideal cloud storage always retrive the right balance of data and in the fair value.


All data should be ideally encrypted, both at rest time and in transit time too. Permissions and access controls should work in the Cloud just as they work in local storage.

Cloud Storage concerns

I think Cloud Storage has only two major concerns – that is Reliability and Security. Because if a company is giving all its data to protect a Cloud Storage Provider then they should first need some gurantee, so that they can be trusted, their data is absolutely safe and they can not use them without any other.

To keep data more secure, most of the systems use combinations of many techniques, which I have explained better.

• Encryption:   The first method is to encrypt this information, which means that the complex algorithm is used to encode the information. And the encryption key is needed to decode that information . But such an encryption can also be cracked, which requires a lot of computing power and it is very unlikely that in favor of a hacker.

• Authentication:  This is a checking process, in which you need to create a user name and password.

• Authorization:  The process has already been client in the list of people who have the right to have Authorize access so that they can access information in the cloud storage. Many corporations have multiple levels of authorization. For example, front-line employee has limited access, access to stored data, which is in Cloud Storage, the main of human resources can have access to all the data.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

By the way, there are many advantages of Cloud Storage which I have written down.

1. Usability: Mostly cloud storage services have desktop folders for Mac’s and PC’s. This makes users very easy to drag and drop files between cloud storage and their local storage.

2. Bandwidth: Not all people here need to send mail individually, but you can just send a web link to your recipients via your email.

3. Accessibility: You can access your Stored files from any part of the world with the help of Internet.

4k Disaster Recovery: They all know should an emergency backup plan is always ready in the business of the same for any emergency situation. In this case you can use Cloud Storage as a back-up plan. For your business, you just need to keep all your important documents stored in cloud storage. And what you can use later on anytime and anywhere.

5. Cost Savings: It has been found that businesses and organizations can greatly reduce their annual operating costs by using cloud storage, because cloud storage costs just 3 to 4 cents per gigabyte, to store your data for. With this, companies do not even need to scratch their internal power to store data.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

1. Usability: Keep an eye out while using it, because when you are dragging / dropping your document is going completely in the cloud storage folder. So if you want to keep a copy of a document in your system, then copy and paste those files.

2. Bandwidth: Often there is a specific bandwidth allowance of all cloud storage services. And if an organization surpasses it then they may have to pay extra charges for it and which are very precious. According to me, all these things should be taken care of a lot.

3. Accessibility: If you do not have internet then you can not access your data and you will have to wait for the internet which is a waste of time.

4. Data Security: Because all your data is in someone else’s hands, there will always be concern about their security. There is also the possibilty of this thing that they can also misuse your data. That’s why, first of all, do not forget about falling on terms and conditions.

5. Software: If you want to change your files locally, by using your multiple device then you will have to install those softwares in all your devices and you can do this work by going anywhere.

What is the difference between Clould Storage and Cloud Computing

Cloud Storage:
In Cloud Storage, we store simply data and their backups are kept in an external location offsite. The main advantage of this is that they keep the company’s data completely secure and always ready to use at the time of need. And these data is lost in a virtual server and not in any employee’s device. Cloud storage is a cloud computing model where the data is stored in the remote server and it is accessed through the Internet. They are maintained, operated and managed by one of the cloud storage service providers. Their storage servers are based on virtualization techniques. It has become a major part of our life nowadays and now we can access our data from any corner of the world.

Cloud Computing: There are only
cloud computing those running applications that are run over a secure internet connection in the virtual desktop. With the help of Cloud computing, we actually provide data to any computer and other devices on computer processing resources and demand.

I have written down some of the benefits which have been very beneficial for companies:

  • No special hardware is required in it
  • Here we can get access to apps and data from anywhere and can run them on any device.
  • Here new upgrades, updates, and patches can be easily accessed in all the devices fast, simple, and easy, because it can be done in a single virtual server instead of all the devices.


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