What is a Server and how does it work?


Server can be a computer or a hardware device or computer program that is loaded in the computer so that it can send data and information to other computers. The job of server is to provide services to users of Internet, that is, to give users all the information they want to know. As we watch videos in YouTube or any information we search by visiting our device’s web browser , any results that we find on our device are stored on the website or channel data somewhere. server provides us on sending our request.

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Google is the world’s largest search engine, from where we can get as many data as we want, google gives us all these data from different websites.

Server is like a computer and there are many different capacities in the world. In a normal laptop or computer, if we install a program in the server, then the computer will also function as a server, we also call this server non-dedicated servers, because they are not meant for working 24 hours a day. Non-dedicated servers are used in places like homes, schools, colleges, hospitals, offices etc. We also call local network.

But there are some computers that are 24×7 and serve other computers, such computers are called dedicated servers. These computers are very expensive and they have high quality and high speed processor and RAM. With the help of Internet, we find the results of the search in google only from dedicated servers.

How does the server work?

For example, let me tell you as if you have to watch a video on YouTube, when you wrote and searched the name of that video in YouTube’s search box, it is generated as a request and this request internet Through which YouTube goes to the server where all its data is stored. On the server there, you find the video you requested and send it to your device, due to which you can see that video.

Whatever work we do from the internet, like downloading a file, browsing, sending mail, using social networking sites, apart from everything we do, the server helps us and we transmits data.

What kind of server is it?

Server is of different types and also offers different services.

  • Web Servers : The web servers live in the data store of any of the websites on the Internet, and this server is connected to the web browser, whenever a user requests a website to view the web browser then this browser By connecting to the web server, the data of the website is sent to the user’s device.
  • Email Server : Helps in sending and receiving email server messages and keeps all the details and messages of users’ accounts stored on the server. As if you are sending a mail to your friend, after you write the message, you click on the send button and then send the message to your friend’s account using the mail server SMTP protocol.
  • File Server : File Server helps in transferring files through the network. File server stores and manages all the files in a computer and sends the copy of the file to its computer when users request it. File server is used on the local network.

Every organization, institutions, company, banks, social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. have their own servers, where all these data and files are stored.

I hope you have understood this article what the server is . If you have questions related to this article, then you can comment down and ask for help.

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