Now You Can Unsend Messages in Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger unsend

Facebook Messenger has finally started rolling out the much-in-demand Unsend functionality that will allow users to delete sent messages, but only within 10 minutes of sending them.

Officially called ‘Remove’, the functionality can reportedly be accessed by long-pressing on the errant message in the Messenger app. From the resultant pop-up menu, users will have the option to copy the message, forward it, translate it and of course, remove it.

However, it will not be deleted from the Facebook servers for a while. Facebook will keep that messages stored on their servers so that they can review this message. This will show that this message is not related to immoral or harassment in any way. Users will have 10 minutes to revoke the message. After 10 minutes, the message can not be revoked or deleted.

The new feature is being rolled out on Android and iOS, but only in a handful of countries, including Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania.

facebook messenger unsend

Earlier WhatsApp had updated the Delete for Everyone feature where they increased the time for deleting the message to 13 hours 8 minutes and 16 seconds. According to WABetaInfo, in this new update, if the user wants to delete a message a request will be sent to the recipient, If the recipient approves then the sender can delete the message or else the message cannot be deleted.

Image via: TechCrunch

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