These MIUI Problems Exists in Every Redmi Phone


MIUI is Android based user interface that is full of features, from a great inbuilt screen recorder to gesture navigations, everything feels cool. But there are some major problems that every user complains, some of them are listed below.

1. The Ads and spam notifications:

The Redmi devices often comes at lower profit margins, that’s probably is the reason why MIUI gets Ads and spam notification, probably another way to make money. Even Redmi pushed full screen ads in system apps and banner ads in the system settings. This all comes to cheap user experience, at least it doesn’t feel good.

2. The Heavy Skin:

Smartphones are getting powerful day by day , thanks to new efficient and powerful hardware that can handle these heavy UI skins like MIUI. But for older phones it’s a headache, specially the devices that have just 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage.

3. Less OTA Updates:

However Redmi is decent for providing software updates, but due to releasing so many smartphones every year, It’s becoming difficult for Xiaomi/Redmi to push software updates for each and every phone. Specially It takes so much longer for older devices to get stable updates.

4. No App Drawer and weird icons:

It might not be the biggest letdown but still it’s a missing feature in MIUI, It doesn’t have any app drawer except Redmi K20 and K20 Pro which just released, it comes with Poco Launcher. But all the other devices doesn’t have app drawer by default. The icons used in MIUI doesn’t look professional and pleasing when we compare with well established brands like samsung which has good icon sets.

5. There are alot useless apps “Bloatware”:

Some of the MIUI apps just useless for a normal person, the apps like Mi Video, Mi Pay, Browser, Mi Credit etc. You probably thinking these are the stock apps, but frankly these aren’t useful, all of them shows terrible ads, when you have Google Chrome like browser why you need to use this kind of browser which isn’t safe and fast.

6. Security:

There were few bugs present in so called “Security” app in MIUI that can allow outside access, however it’s fixed months ago, security and privacy is one of the major issue with every Chinese company.

Most of the android user prefer stock android over any skin, because of its clean layout, no bloatware, faster software updates that’s the reason why Redmi A1 was huge success for Redmi and Google’s android one program. MIUI is a great UI, But in this tech world nothing is perfect, So these problems may hurt you if you’re planning to switch to a Redmi device.

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