Samsung to launch Exynos 9820 on November 14

samsung exynos 9820

As revealed via an official tweet, Samsung is scheduled to announce its next flagship Exynos chipset on November 14. This chipset, which is expected to be called the Exynos 9820, will power the Galaxy S10 lineup launching next year.

Officially Samsung did not disclose the detailed product, but with the words “Intelligence from Within”, we can say that it may be a new Exynos processor that comes with a new generation dual core NPU.

The rumors surrounding the Exynos 9820 suggest that it would be an octa-core chipset based on the 7nm node architecture. The eight cores will come in the form of a tri-cluster that includes 4 Cortex-A55, 2 Cortex-A76, and 2 Samsung-designed Mongoose M4 cores.

The chipset is also expected to bring along a dual-core NPU and 5G modem to be future-ready. It will be 20% more powerful and 50% power-efficient over the previous-gen Exynos processor.

According to the leaks Exynos 9820 will not feature Samsung’s in-house GPU, but Samsung will relay on the Mali-G76 GPU.

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Previous news broke that Samsung’s next-generation Exynos flagship chip is manufactured using the 7nm FinFET process and has a dual-core NPU unit (probably the second-generation NPU based on previous reports). With the the new technologies, Samsung Exynos new flagship processor will have a significant upgrade in terms of AI computing and image processing. Samsung is working on image processing to improve the picture quality and noise reduction for better low light photography.

samsung exynos 9820

Samsung will integrate dual-core NPU units on the next-generation 7nm Exynos flagship chip, and this will be the second generation NPU chip, which greatly enhances the load capacity and processing speed of the AI ​​scene detection and picture quality. It is reported that Samsung has already developed the first generation NPU, and the Exynos 7 9610 came with the first generation integrated NPU which was launched earlier this year.

This indicates that after the Huawei Kirin 980 and Apple A12 bionic chip processors, Samsung’s Exynos flagship processor will also move towards the 7nm manufacturing technology.

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