Samsung Patent Filing Reveals Foldable AR Glasses

ar glasses

The South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung could currently be working on an augmented reality glasses (AR Glasses) with built-in processor. For this purpose, a patent has now emerged. Currently, however, it is not known whether such augmented reality glasses will actually be released later.

The patent registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) shows an AR device that visually resembles normal glasses. On both sides there are brackets that can be folded up and in. As Patently Mobile reported that the device is able to recognize the bracket. Once the brackets have been folded, the AR goggles will automatically shut off. This function works with the sensor.

Samsung AR Glasses has an ARM processor

There are few possible technical specifications of the AR glasses. However, the patent mentions that an ARM processor is an important component of the device. A special chip, however, is not mentioned. To achieve an augmented reality effect, translucent images are projected onto the lenses. The projectors and all other hardware components are housed in the frame of the AR Glasses. 

As usual with patents, this time it is still rather unclear whether a corresponding augmented reality glasses will come into the market. Often the ideas of patents are simply discarded. This is the case, for example, when the product turns out to be unprofitable or practically unworkable. Nevertheless, it is clear from the patent that Samsung is currently dealing more with AR devices.

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