Samsung May Release One Smartphone With Graphene Battery By 2021

Samsung Graphene Battery

Samsung is a huge brand which is constantly striving towards creating new and improved technology.

One result of such advancements in their innovation is the Graphene Battery.
The fastest charging in smartphones we know about is Samsung’s 45W charging which, the company claims, will fully charge the device within an hour.

But the Graphene Battery is said to be fully charged in under 30 minutes theoretically. If this is true, the Lithium-Ion batteries can soon be history.
Today, the batteries are getting bigger and bigger, but they are not there just yet. Bigger batteries charge slower and we cannot say that they are completely satisfying user’s battery requirements.

But the new Graphene Battery from Samsung can fill the gap. They can prove to be the change in smartphone batteries which is required.
Although we can’t say that the new batteries will provide longer hours on screen, but they will surely bridge one gap and fill one loophole of longer charge times and also the Graphene batteries might be here sooner than you think. According to prolific gadgets leaker Evan Blass on Twitter, Samsung can release a smartphone featuring those in 2020, or possibly 2021.

We believe this will change the battery game once and for all surely.

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