Samsung Launched Its New Air Purifier – AX5500

Samsung India, the country’s most trusted consumer electronics brand, today announced the launch of its new Air Purifier – the Innovation packed AX5500 that can rapidly purify your living spaces with aerodynamic air flow technology. With the launch of AX5500 series, Samsung will now have its product presence across entry, mid and premium price segments. Samsung AX5500 comes with the capability of drawing air inside from the front side, covering a wider area that removes ultrafine dust, harmful viruses and gases with its 4-step purification system.

Samsung AX5500 has Dual Smart Sensor that detects the air quality in real time and the Air Digital Display numerically shows PM2.5/ PM10/ Gas Pollution Level to the consumers, so you can be sure that you’re breathing clean air. The first-of-its-kind Filter Life Indicator lets you track the life of the filter and help users to plan their next filter purchase. Equipped with 360° wheels, the product can be easily moved anytime and anywhere based on the requirement.

“We are excited to bring in this new air-purifier – Samsung AX5500 – to the market. Our current range of Air Purifiers has seen exceptional response from our consumers and this new mid-segment entrant will complete the entire portfolio of purifiers. At Samsung, consumers are at the core of every innovation. We listen to our consumers and bring out meaningful innovations that make their lives better. With this product, we now cater to consumers, across segments,” said Mr. Rajeev Bhutani, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

Pure Air, Wider and Faster

Samsung AX5500 is designed to quickly purify a wider area, reaching every corner of the room. The Front Air Inflow easily draws in air from the front allowing and the power fan spreads clean air out in 3 directions – top, left and right side, enabling it to reach much wider area of upto 60 sq. meters (646 sq. ft.) and purifiers faster achieving a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 455 cu. meters per hour.

Removes Ultra Fine Dust

Samsung AX5500 Air Purifier’s 4 step purification system keeps the air pure. Firstly, the Pre Filter extracts larger dust particles, such as pollen. Secondly, a Deodorization Filter removes Formaldehyde, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Styrene. Then, its PM2.5 Filter captures upto 99% of ultrafine dust (0.3 ㎛). Finally, Virus Doctor eliminates up to 99% of certain viruses and bacteria.

Smart Detection & Display

Samsung AX5500’s Dual Smart Sensor monitors the real time air quality and displays the precise level of air pollution (PM2.5/ PM10) numerically and the amount of harmful gas with a light that has a 4-step color variation. Filter life can now easily be checked with Filter Life Indicator helping you to plan your next filter purchase.

Hidden Moving Wheels

It is very easy to move Samsung AX5500 Air Purifier as it has wheels aesthetically hidden. It can be simply pushed or pulled to any location that needs more intensive purifying, like your living room during the daytime or bedroom when you go to sleep so that you have a good night sleep, breathing refreshingly clean air. And because the wheels are neatly hidden underneath, it doesn’t spoil the overall design.

Space Efficient and Easy Maintenance

Samsung AX5500 is portable and fits everywhere. It has a front-sided air inlet, which means you don’t need to move it unnecessarily or pull it away from the wall, but simply open the front door for cleaning or changing the filter. Moreover, the washable Pre-filter only needs periodic cleaning and the 2-in-1 PM2.5 and Deodorization filters can be quickly and easily replaced on need basis.

Price and Availability

Priced at INR 34,990/- Samsung AX5500 will be available across leading offline and online stores from 3rd October, 2018.

Exciting Offer for Consumers

Consumers will also get a free Samsung Galaxy J6 (32GB) smartphone worth INR 12,990/- with Samsung Air Purifier AX5500 and Samsung premium Air Purifier AX7000, till 31st October 2018.

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