Samsung Galaxy S11 Possibly With 20:9 Display

galaxy s11

The next Samsung flagship could be launched with an even longer display than is already the case with the Galaxy S10. From a benchmark test, which probably belongs to the Galaxy S11, is a very narrow aspect ratio of 20: 9 out.

As reported by the Dutch online magazine Galaxy Club, a unknown Samsung model called “SM-G416U” has surfaced in an HTML5 benchmark. According to current information, the Galaxy S11 should be assigned the name “SM-G986”. 

For models of Samsung that have not yet been released , it is common for the first two digits in the model number to be exchanged for other digits.

Galaxy S11 aspect ratio: 20:9

In 2019, Samsung provided both its top models – the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 – with screens with an aspect ratio of 19: 9, comparable to the Galaxy A40 . The Galaxy A70 and A80 have a ratio of 20: 9, and that may also be the ratio of the high-end Samsung phones in 2020, according to a benchmark test.

In the HTML5 Test browser benchmark we come across a device with model code SM-G416U. A number of things stand out about this unusual model code. Samsung has been using the SM-G4xx model code for years to disguise models in the Galaxy S series during various test processes. 

The first two numbers are replaced, but the last – and the letter – are not. The SM-G416U is therefore in fact the SM-G986U in disguise. Without knowing for sure, this could be the American 5G version of the Galaxy S11 Plus. Finally, the SM-N976 is the 5G version of the Note 10 Plus .

Samsung Galaxy S11 aspect ratio is 20: 9

In the test we see that the device runs on Android 10, although that is of course no surprise. Finally, Samsung launches its S-top model every year with the latest version of the Android operating system. Then there is the screen resolution used – or rather: the aspect ratio, since this test never reveals the real resolution. In this case, the tested Galaxy S11 has an aspect ratio of 20: 9. That is a bit longer than the current top models, which still have a 19: 9 screen.

The Galaxy S11 is thus striking enough in terms of aspect ratio that Galaxy A70 and A80 follow, which in 2019 already have a 20: 9. It is therefore not possible to deduce from this that Samsung makes the bezels below and above the screen thinner than on the Galaxy S10. After all, that is not the case with the A70 and A80.


What further design the Galaxy S11 has, is not yet known. Finally, it will take at least another four months for Samsung to introduce the device to the world. So in the coming period we will learn a lot more about the device, or better: the devices. The Galaxy S11 series will also consist of different devices in 2020.

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