Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Gets FCC Certification With 45W Charging

galaxy s10 lite

For some time now, there has always been talk about Galaxy S10 Lite, which is to represent another version of the Galaxy S10 series. But we didn’t know such signs of an early availability of this version.

Galaxy S10 Lite FCC Details

This seems to be changing now. The Galaxy S10 Lite, modeled SM-G770F, is currently undergoing Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification.

The certification not only tells you the official name, but also the dimensions and the display diagonal. The Galaxy S10 Lite will measure 170mm in length and be 75mm wide. The display diagonal is also 170mm which corresponds to about 6.7 inches.

The thickness of the Galaxy S10 Lite is not known. Although the allegedly cheap version of the Galaxy S10 was spotted at the FCC, it does not mean that the smartphone will be announced in the next few days. The registration indicates that the smartphone will be announced within the next two months, which can be announced earlier than the unpacked 2020 event, which can be dated to the end of February.

Would you be interested in a Galaxy S10 Lite or would not you really care about a release of that smartphone? Or is the smartphone too late? Comment below.

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