Samsung Galaxy Labs: Suite of Apps Released Download Now

Samsung has recently launched a suite of various optimization apps for Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners called Galaxy Labs. The suite contains four apps: File Guardian, Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, and App Booster.

The Galaxy Labs are just available in the Netherlands, so downloading from the official store would not be possible outside of that. We will attach some links to download the apps at the bottom, though.

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The Galaxy Labs provide various features to the user. We will go through them:

File Guardian lets you restore permanently deleted files from your phone’s internal storage and external storage. This is the most useful feature of all, and it is delightful of Samsung to provide it to the users.

Image Courtesy: SamMobile

Battery Tracker would let users track their phone’s battery usage in a more detailed manner. The users can track battery usage since the last full charge and also view battery stats for the last seven days. But this is a feature which would be coming inbuilt in One UI 2.0.

Image Courtesy: SamMobile

Battery Guardian checks if you have existing Optimization features like enabled. App Optimizer optimizes all apps on the device to boost their performance and takes a long time to do so.

Download LinksGalaxy Labs | Galaxy Labs Agent | Battery Guardian | Battery Tracker | File Guardian | App Booster

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