Samsung Galaxy Fold: Everything You Need to Know

galaxy fold

The official statement is here and the first foldable phone from the company will be relaunched in September. In this article, we will discuss everything that has been going on with the device.
The product was initially to be launched on 26th of April in the US and by the following week in the UK and Europe but on 22nd of April, the company decided to call off all the review units sent out to reviewers for testing purposes.

What went wrong?

Since bendable glass isn’t available yet, Samsung decided to go with a plastic screen on this one. Since the material is comparatively softer than glass, Samsung reinforced the surface with a plastic adhesive which stopped short of its edges. This made some reviewers peel off the same protective adhesive which was also, somewhat, a part of the screen.
The screens of those pieces instantly stopped working.
Not only that, other reviewers who did not mess around with the adhesive, found dust and debris via an air gap between the hinge and screen of the device.
Although not all the units faced these kinds of tragedies. Some reviewers were really satisfied with the product and wished to continue using it but Samsung decided to completely call off the plan and postpone it until further notice.

What’s next?

After delaying it for almost ten weeks, Samsung claims that the device is in the final stages of its quality checks. As soon as they are done with all the tests, we can expect a confirmed date of the relaunch.
More to that, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold can be the first major foldable phone in the market, assuming it beats the Huawei Mate X to the market.

Pricing and technical specifications:

The Fold is expected to retain the same introductory pricing which was around $1,980 or INR 1,40,000.
The device comes bundled with all the basic accessories plus the brand’s very own Galaxy Buds as the phone lacks a headphone jack. The standalone price of Galaxy Buds itself is $149 or INR 9,980 which we get as a bonus here.

Fold features a 7nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor with 2.8GHz+ 2.41GHz + 1.72GHz bundled with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage which is not expandable. It boasts a 4380 mAh dual set up battery with reverse wireless charging. The device supports fast charging. Runs on One UI with Android 9.0 out of the box.
The phone features a dual front-facing camera:
A 10MP Selfie Camera, Aperture: F2.2 shooter and an 8MP Depth Camera, Aperture: F1.9.

The phone also has a triple camera setup on the back:
A 16MP Ultra Wide Camera, Aperture: F2.2 with a 12MP Wide-angle Camera, Dual Aperture: F1.5 mode/F2.4 mode and also a 12MP Telephoto Camera, Aperture: F2.4.
There is an additional camera which will be the cover camera for when the phone will be in its unfolded state. It is a 10MP Selfie shooter with F2.2 aperture.
There is a total of six cameras in this device so we sure are not missing on any camera tech here. The phone also supports 5G connectivity along with LTE.

Finally, according to us, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is an exciting newcomer into the smartphone market, breaking the unvarying rectangle mould that we’ve become accustomed to, and bringing us two displays, two batteries and six cameras.

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