Samsung Galaxy A90 Comes With Snapdragon 855 SOC

Samsung Galaxy A series is the third most powerful of the South Korean firm at present. This is composed, mostly, by mid-range smartphones, but soon the roles could be slightly changed, and by the integration of a high-end tech in it which is Samsung Galaxy A90.

The mobile that would arrive to compete with the flagship killer smartphones is the Galaxy A90. A lot has been talked about this device, and in a good way. Everything indicates that it will be a high-performance premium smartphone, something that Geekbench confirms now.

According to what the popular benchmark Geekbench has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy A90 runs Android Pie. The smartphone has a model number as ‘Samsung SM-A908N’ and the Geekbench listing reveals that the Galaxy A90 comes with 6 GB of RAM . It has also seemed to an eight-core ARM processor that has a base clock frequency of 1.71 GHz.

The motherboard has appeared under the name msmnile, the SoC that will be making presence in the Galaxy A90 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 . The base frequency also matches the numbers that the Qualcomm chipset is capable of achieving.

On the other hand, the figures that the device has managed to reach also hint at the integration of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. As such, in the single-core department the device has scored 3,458 points, while in multi-core tests it scored 10,852 points. Both results tell us a lot about what we can expect. Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy A90 will come with a new high-end processor in a mid range Smartphone in addition to the Galaxy Note 10 where the Galaxy Note 10 is said to launch on August 7.

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