Samsung Explains The Flaw In Galaxy S10/Note10 Fingerprint Scanner

galaxy s10

Very recently, the news spread that Samsung’s fail-safe Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors could easily be fooled by using a common type of Silicone cover on the screen.

This created a lot of fuss in the tech world. A lot of questions arose on Samsung, and to which they responded immediately. First of all, they promised a Software Update which would somehow solve this problem and then they explained the problem.

The officials at Samsung said that certain silicone covers which completely cover the device have 3D dotted patterns which can fool the fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 devices.

The sensor uses ultrasonic waves to read the ridges and pores of the fingerprint and then matches them with the one stored on the device to provide access. So if a fingerprint is collected on the device surface with the cover in place, the sensor doesn’t read the fingerprint as much as it reads the case’s dotted pattern. That is why another person was able to unlock the device.

Samsung says that the update will be out as early as this week. The Galaxy Note 10+ 5G has already received it, so the other devices will get it soon as well.

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