How To Recognize A Song Playing Somewhere

Has it ever happened that you are at some place and hear a song playing you really like, but have no clue which song it is? It happens to me all the time-at a bar or club, listening to the radio in the car, at the shopping mall or while watching TV in a friend’s house. There is no longer any need to keep trying to guess which song is playing, instead just Shazam it!

Shazam ( is an app that you can download on most mobile and tablet platforms. It is able to identify any song by recording the music playing in the background and comparing it to its growing database of approximately ten million songs. The most impressive thing about Shazam is that it doesn’t matter what part of the song is playing when you run it, it will still identify the song! The only thing it requires to work properly is Internet access on that mobile phone. In this example, I am going to run Shazam on my Android Phone.

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This is the Shazam app home screen. When you swipe left, Shazam displays the top most tagged (or Shazam-ed) songs currently in the world.

To view all the songs that you have Shazam-ed until now, you need to press the My Tags button. To identify a song that is playing somewhere, you need to press the Shazam button on the top right corner of the app.

Make sure that you are as close as possible to the source of the music, and avoid covering the microphone of your device with your hands while running Shazam.



Shazam will now listen to the song playing in the background, compare it with all songs in its database, and try to identify the song. The whole process does not take more than a few seconds.


As soon as it identifies the song, Shazam will display various details related to it.

In this case, the song turns out be Beautiful Life’ by the Shawn Anthony Band, featuring Aqua, and the album is Beautiful Life.



Using the similar feature in the right column of Shazam, you can discover other songs that are similar to the song that has been identified. This is a great way to discover new music that you would otherwise not come across.

Moreover, Shazam is completely integrated with popular social networking platforms and allows users to not only share tagged songs with friends, but also watch the music video of a tagged song on YouTube. If the song is available on iTunes, Shazam will also show you the option to buy it from the iTunes store.

Shazam will usually recognize most English songs. It also often recognizes popular songs in other languages. To test the versatility of Shazam’s database of songs, I decided to try to confuse the app by playing the song ‘Ya Ali’ from the Bollywood movie Gangster, which is supposedly inspired from the Arabic song ‘Ya Ghaly by Guitara. I tried this multiple times with different portions of both songs, and each time Shazam recognized which song I was playing!

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