Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 vs Snapdragon 710

Snapdragon 670 vs Snapdragon 710

Qualcomm has recently launched the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor for the mid range smartphones. Qualcomm has also recently launched  the Snapdragon 710 processor. The performance of any smartphone depends on the processor present in it. Now lets see the difference between Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor and 710 processor.

Snapdragon 670 vs Snapdragon 710 Specifications

The technical features of these two processors are quite similar. Snapdragon 670 and 710 processors both work on 10 nm LPP architecture. There are some minor differences between the Snapdragon 670 and Snapdragon 710 they are the clock speed and GPU of these two processors, Snapdragon 670’s clock speed is 2.0 GHz with Adreno 615 GPU while the Snapdragon 710 processor’s clock speed is 2.2 GHz with Adreno 616 GPU.

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GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

The Snapdragon 710 processor supports the Adreno 616 GPU, while the Snapdragon 670 processor supports the Adreno 615 GPU. Qualcomm says that Snapdragon 710 processor gets 35 percent better graphics quality when compared to Snapdragon 670, so with the Snapdragon 710 processor we can have better gaming experience.

Camera Support

Snapdragon 670 and 710 both supports Hexagon 685 DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Snapdragon 670 supports up to 25 MP single camera or up to 16 MP dual cameras. While the Snapdragon 710 supports up to 32 MP single camera or up to 20 MP dual camera.

Here is the detail specification of both the processors

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