No More Xiaomi Poco? Redmi Killing Pocophone?

poco f1

Xiaomi surprised the world by announcing its new sub-brand of smartphones containing its latest mid-range device, the Poco F1 in New Delhi, India on the 31st of August,2018 and no one could believe how much this device had to offer and that too at that aggressive pricing.

The device was being recognized as the flagship killer as it had almost everything that the OnePlus 6 had in it plus for almost $200 or INR14000 less in price.

It had top of the line specs such as Snapdragon 845, 6/8 Gigs of RAM and 64/128/256 Gigs of storage. No compromises were made in specifications even though the device was starting at INR 20,999.

This value flagship device from Xiaomi did pretty well too in the market by selling as much as 7,00,000 units in Q3 itself. It is still available on and is still a great selling device with a price cut which is still a sweet deal in the current smartphone market.

But with the launch of Xiaomi Redmi K20 and K20 pro, the International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that Xiaomi can discontinue Poco and replace it with Redmi instead.
The Redmi K20 series was recently released and its initial base variant’s starting price is more than that of the Poco F1’s which even has a faster, higher-end processor.

On the other hand, the K20 Pro who is the elder brother to the K20 starts at INR 27,999 but has the latest flagship Snapdragon 855 processor.
We don’t think this is a coincidence and it is visible that Xiaomi is trying to provide the market of its Poco series to its new K20 series.

The IDC report also rests on the outline that Poco and Redmi K20 currently overlie each other in most of the aspects and it makes sense for the Xiaomi to drop Poco.
Navkendar Singh, research director at IDC India said “Poco was launched to give high-end chosen few specs at mid-range prices, with clear compromises on design language.

It was launched as an upgrade option for large Xiaomi base without breaking bank required to buy a flagship phone. It saw a mixed response really”
and we completely agree with his statement.

Although with the underwhelming pricing of Xiaomi’s K20 series when compared to the pricing of Poco F1, the K20 series can still be a good successor to the Poco F1.

Do you think otherwise?
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