No More Linux On Samsung DeX With Android 10

samsung dex

Looks like the final quarter of 2019 can turn into a hard time for the biggest smartphone manufacturer of the world.

Just last week, people could unlock their foolproof fingerprint sensor devices with something as common as silicone cases, and now Samsung announced to shut down their beta program of Samsung DeX on Linux and no longer provide it in the future. 

This above statement simply means that all the supported Samsung devices will lose support for Linux on Samsung DeX after updating to Android 10. The update would also be irreversible and permanent.

The normal samsung DeX will still be operational, but Samsung has certainly disappointed Linux fans. They can still use the Linux on DeX as long they don’t update their device to Android 10.

Samsung launched the DeX program with the Galaxy S8. It enabled users to turn their smartphones into a desktop-like device and perform tasks like opening Android apps on a big screen, opening and editing documents with ease, multitasking with split-screen etc.

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