Major Fingerprint Flaw With Galaxy S10 & Galaxy Note10

galaxy s10

It was recently reported via twitter that certain silicone gel cases which when installed on a Galaxy S10, can allow anyone to access a user’s phone using the fingerprint scanner even when their fingerprints are not registered on the device.

This flaw resulted in a lot of concerns, as even the customer’s banking apps could be accessed.

What is The Flaw With Galaxy S10/ Galaxy Note10?

When a user registers their fingerprint with a silicone case on, the fingerprint reader isn’t able to read the finger’s ridges and pores as much as it reads the dotted pattern on the case, effectively making the pattern the saved fingerprint and granting everyone access when they press down on the fingerprint reader.

A lot of these kinds of products are available in the market, which made the secure and sensitive data of the users, vulnerable.

Samsung says that the vulnerability is fixable, and also they will be releasing an update or patch for these affected devices so that this doesn’t happen sometime again in the future. We still don’t know how the update will solve the issue yet, but it will surely improve the situation for Samsung.

More to that, Samsung is offering official cases which are not vulnerable to this flaw.

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