Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows

keyboard shortcuts

Some of the most popular keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Windows

I have listed some of the most popular and useful Keyboard shortcuts available in Microsoft Windows

Alt + Tab Switch between Open Windows
Windows Key + D Hides or Displays Desktop
Windows Key + F Opens Search Window.
Windows Key + R Opens Run Window.
Windows Key + E Opens Computer
Windows Key + M Minimizes all Windows
Windows Key + Home Key Minimize all Windows except the selected one
Windows Key + Spacebar Key Makes all Windows Transparent & Displays Desktop
Windows Key + Up Arrow key Maximize Active Window
Windows Key + Down Arrow key Minimize the Active Window
Windows Key + Left Arrow key Docks Active Window to Left
Windows Key + Right Arrow key Docks Active Window to Right
Windows Key + X Open Windows Mobility Center
Windows Key + G Focuses on Windows Desktop Gadgets
Windows Key + P Displays Projector Options
Windows Key + Pause Key Displays Projector Options
Windows Key + Number(1-9) Opens the Application that is pinned to Taskbar in the number specified
Ctrl + Shift + N Creates a new Folder
Alt + Up Key Goes Up a Folder Level
Shift Key + Right Click on any folder or file Will add Copy as Path to the Context Menu. Very Useful if you want to just copy the path of a file and not its contents
Shift Key + Right Click on any file Will display Enhanced SEND TO context menu
Shift Key + Right Click on any folder Adds Open Command Window Here (MSDOS) to the right click context menu. Very useful if you want to open MS DOS in a particular path
Shift Key + Click on taskbar pinned app Opens new instance of that application
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Displays Task Manager
Ctrl + Shift +  Double click on application Opens Application in Administrator Mode


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