Huawei Officially Announces Harmony OS (HongMeng OS)

harmony os

Huawei just unveiled its much-awaited and anticipated Harmony OS or Hongmeng OS in Dongguan, China. This was very clear that the recent USA-China conflict will make it extremely tough for the company to keep using Android in their products and even though now, that the ban is revoked, Huawei is too big of a brand to just rely on another company for its services so they had to do something about it and come up with an alternative. AND THEY DID.

It looks like their solution, the Harmony OS can take over Android for real. The company was working on this project since 2012 which makes it pretty clear that the OS’ research and development must have faced quite a few trend changes and market shifts which immediately makes it more future proof than Android.
The whole OS is open source and IoT (Internet of Things) centered which means it will be available for your phone, your watch, your car, your tablet etc at the same time and will surely be regularly updated.

The OS will seamlessly support Android apps with very slight changes which can easily be done by the respective developers. Just like Google’s under development OS called the Fuchsia OS, Harmony OS is also microkernel-based which allows the flexible deployment of the new OS on various devices, easing app development in all scenarios and will provide better security.
Performance on the fresh OS is theoretically better than Android and other Linux-based operating systems.

Huawei says that its new OS represents an entirely new generation of operating systems as it enables AI capability in different scenarios from PCs, tablets, and other specialities.
Huawei claims to have already been privately testing the Harmony OS on devices.
They also told us that they will lay the grounds for Harmony OS in the Chinese market first and then after progressing there, they will be extending it to the global market.

The only problem visible as of now is in the App Ecosystem, which, Huawei will have to counter. Rest everything seems to be on-point with the Harmony OS.

Harmony OS, on paper, is possibly the best Android alternative and even though the new OS is a Plan B for now, but it won’t be wrong to say that Android can seriously be defeated this time.

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