How To Install Google Camera On Any Android Smartphone

google camera 7.0

Do you own an Android? Want to make its camera a bit more efficient?

We have just the right tutorial for you on how to install Google Camera on your device and improve its capabilities.

Here is a step-wise guide on how to do so:-


Android Device.
Active Internet Connection.


1) Download the free Camera2 API Probe app from the Play Store.

2) Open the app and in the Camera2 API Page, look at the “Hardware Support Level” section. It must be any of the following:

LEGACY: These phones support only Camera1 API. No Camera2 API features are available here.

LIMITED: These phones support some, but not all, Camera2 API features.

FULL: These phones support all of the major capabilities of the Camera2 API.

LEVEL_3: These devices support YUV reprocessing and RAW image capture, along with additional output stream configurations.

3) If you don’t have the Camera2 API support available in your device, you will have to either root your device, which is not very hard to execute. Or you can try the Magisk Module from the link below:

If you have the Camera2 API support available in your device, just head to this link below and download the same.

Arnova8G2 is our preferred developer but you can try others too.

4) This is more of a hit and trial method so you may need to download more than one APKs to successfully install the whole.

Root Guide

Now, if you don’t have the Camera2 API support on your Android and you don’t want to use the Magisk module, you can follow the next steps and root your device. However, there is no surety from TechMyBrain for it to be safe and successful.

1) Download the BuildProp Editor app to edit the build.prop.

2) Launch the app and give it root permissions. Then, tap on the edit icon.

3) At the end of the build.prop file, enter the following line, and then tap on the save icon.

4) Simply restart your phone, and the Camera2 API should be enabled now.

By now you should have activated the google camera on your Non-Pixel device.

Let us know if you guys want some other guides as well.

Google Camera Mods for Popular Phones:

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