How Samsung Enhanced Its Galaxy Note 10 Series

galaxy note 10

As we know, Samsung has unveiled its Note 10 series, this time with two variants namely Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. The Note 10 Plus is the elder brother to the Note 10 and also the flagship of this year by Samsung. There are some aspects in which Samsung worked on its Note 10 and tried to improve it effectively.

Galaxy Note 10 Design

The 6.3-inch Galaxy Note10 is 0.1 inches smaller than the Galaxy Note 9 while the 6.8-inch Galaxy Note10 Plus is a lavish 0.4 inches bigger than last year’s Note which boasts the largest display that the series has ever seen.

Now, the devices’ right-hand sides are button-free, and the Bixby and power keys have been integrated into a single button located on the left.

The screens are stunning and they’re even more spacious as it features a nearly bezel-less Cinematic Infinity Display. At the top of the display is a single small, centred camera cutout that takes up a very little room. The camera’s placement not only brings balance to the display but also ensures more natural and symmetrical selfies and video calls.

The Premium Hole Display has additionally been verified by the experts at UL to bring colour and brightness uniformity. There is no headphone jack on both the devices but Samsung includes a pair of Type-C earphones in the box.


The all-new flagships have all the top of the line specs which is not a very big deal, to be honest.

The Galaxy Note10 features 256GB of built-in storage, while the Galaxy Note10 Plus is available in a choice of 256GB and 512GB models, with support for up to 1TB of additional storage via microSD card. With both 4G 2.0Gbps LTE and 5G options, both devices allow users to make use of the fastest network speeds available.

The devices also feature a seven-nanometer AP chipset that improves CPU and GPU performance by up to 33 and 42 per cent, respectively when compared to the Galaxy Note9.

Both devices also have the super WiFi 6 functionality as seen in the S10 series.

Galaxy Note 10 The S-Pen

This year, Samsung has pushed its Note series’ exclusive, the S-Pen, a step further. The Pen now has more features than ever with such as the addition of the six-axis sensor which makes it possible to switch camera modes, zoom in and out, manage music and video controls, and more with simple wrist-flick actions. This feature is named S Pen Air Actions.

Now, with a click of the S Pen’s button, users can digitize their handwritten notes and convert them into various formats, including Microsoft Word, for easy editing and sharing.

Also, the memo taking functionality is still there and is more customizable now.


Both devices share the same front cameras. The difference is on the back where the elder brother features a Quad-Camera setup but the younger brother contains a Triple-Camera setup.

Standout features include the Zoom-In Mic and Screen recorder.

With Zoom-In Mic, when users zoom in on the subject of their video, they’ll also be able to zoom in on their subject’s voice and minimize background noise.

Screen recorder offers a simple tool for capturing what’s on the screen for which we had to use third-party apps.

The Galaxy Note10 Plus’ DepthVision Camera adds dimension to capturing content with a built-in 3D Scanner. This feature enables the camera to capture its subject as a 3D rendering.

The camera’s Live focus video function is expanded to feature a wider variety of bokeh effects that blur video backgrounds and make the subject more in-focus.

The Galaxy Ecosystem

The Galaxy Ecosystem is now a real thing. Following in the footsteps of Apple, Samsung has also started providing a complete ecosystem of its products. From your phone and watch to your tablet and PC, Samsung has worked hard to provide seamless and hassle-free integration of all the devices in a simple ecosystem. Every device is now connected to every device.

For example, the Galaxy Watch Active features a handy Watch Camera Controller function which provides users with a preview of their shot before they click it with their Galaxy Note10. It lets them take the picture with a tap of their smartwatch’s screen and allows them to easily view and zoom into their photo.

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