How Dual SIM Works in iPhone?

dual sim iphone

Apple has launched its three new smartphones, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR, at the big event on Wednesday night. For the first time, the company has launched a dual sim iPhones. Let us tell you that this dual SIM will not be a normal SIM but e-SIM. It is also called a digital SIM. Apple had introduced it with Watch Series 3 for the first time.

Know what is e-sim

The e-SIM is called the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. As the name implies, this SIM has already been installed in the phone. This e-SIM can not be removed from the phone like a second SIM and can not be changed. However, it is available in different sizes and can be used in many different types of devices.

E-SIM works in the same way as the common SIM cards found in the market, but it is better than them and the shortcomings of technical flaws are less. E-SIM is considered to be an important tool for communication in the future.

Its biggest feature is that it can be activated by a service provider. For example, if the user wants to go from Jio to Airtel or Airtel’s network, then the user would not have to take a new SIM. The service provider will activate their network connection for the e-SIM. In India Jio and Airtel offer e-SIM support.

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