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    Do you know that Google is about to shut down its own popular service from April 13. Yes, Google URL Shortener Service, which shortened the long wide URL of the website or video, is shutting down for the world from April 13. Yes, some users will get this service for a year. Just know that if this service is closed for you then you do not have to worry, because there are alternative services that will make your work easier again.

    Google URL shortener will shut down on April 13, 2018

    Google has said on its official blog that the web URL shortening service started in 2009 is being terminated. Those users who are already using this service by logging in to Google, the company has extended this service till March 30, 2019. Users who have or have not used this service without logging in, will not be able to use Google’s URL shorten service after April 13. Although the company has said that shortened URLs will always work properly before or before March 30, 2019, but you will not be able to access them on the panel of goo gl. By the way the company is finishing its old service and promoting the service called Firebase Dynamic Links, It is impossible to use without logging in. Skip everything now and know more about how Google will make short URLs of links to your video or website when the URL shortening service is closed, that too easily.

    The easiest way to shorten the URL is

    Bitly is the second most popular platform after shorten the URL of Google in short working URL. Yes Yes, on this platform you can shorten your website links by logging in or without logging in. Like the Google platform, you can always track your short URL as well as how many times it has been clicked on. From this panel you can easily find out how much web traffic came from every URL you submit here. On this platform you can also change the spelling of your short URL. Not only this, any URL given on the billing can be placed in different categories on the basis of tags. This feature is also not available on the Google Shortener.

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