Google Pixel 4 To Sport a New 90 Hz Display Panel

google pixel 4
image via: on leaks

Google Pixel 4 is already on its way to hit the markets, but leaks are flowing in from all sides.

The latest leaks suggest that the new Google smartphone will indeed feature a 90 Hz refresh rate display panel.

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A 90 Hz refresh rate panel will help make the smartphone experience more beautiful, smooth and seamless. We can already see these panels in devices like OnePlus 7 Pro and Asus ROG Phone 2 and how they have changed the smartphone experience once and for all. Now everyone wants these panels in their devices, and companies are prone towards giving them.

But finally, we can see Google fulfil the 90 Hz dreams of their fans with the Google Pixel 4 series.
We know this because developers will have an option to check if their apps run at 90 Hz on the Pixel 4 phones according to our sources.

This implementation by Google, the backbone of Android, will change a lot of things in the smartphone game as competition will rise in the premium segment and we will definitely see better devices.

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