Google Pixel 4 Price And More Features Leaked

google pixel 4
image via: on leaks

Google Pixel 4 series of smartphones are officially the most leaked and rendered smartphones ever. It has been a while since the devices started appearing on the internet and are still being leaked continuously, right before the launch event.

The Pixel 4 series of smartphones are to be launched on15th of October, in New York City, USA.

Google Pixel 4 Price:

Very recently, @evleaks gave the Canadian pricing of the upcoming Google Pixel smartphones on Twitter. According to him, the Pixel 4 Price will start at CAD 1,049.95 which is around 56,000 INR for the 64 GB variant, and CAD 1,199.95 which is around Rs. 64,000 for the 128 GB. 

Meanwhile, the Pixel 4 XL will be priced at CAD 1,199.95 which is around 64,000 for the 64 GB variant, and CAD 1,359.95 which is around 72,500 INR for the 128 GB variant.

Unique Face Unlock Feature For Payments

XDADevelopers recently got their hands on leaked marketing videos for the Pixel 4, via the Pixel Tips app.

We can see an example of someone buying an app on the Play Store in the video. After tapping the main buy button, there’s a prompt of 1-Tap Buy at the bottom. This leads to a “verify purchase” overlay which appears with a face icon, indicating that a face scan is being performed. Then the face is verified and the user can confirm the purchase.

The process in the video looks very fast and seamless.

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