What is Google Firebase? What are its Features?

Google Firebase

Hi Friends Welcome to Tech My Brain, nowadays everyday the technology changes and plays an important role in our life.Today I will tell you about a technology that is designed for users as well as developers keeping in mind. Our today’s topic is What is Google Firebase? What are its Features? in this Article I will tell you what is Google Firebase and what services do we get from it.

What is Google Firebase?

Google Firebase is a Google product that is used for Mobile and Web App Development. Google Firebase gives us tools and Services that allow us to build high-quality Apps and increase your business to make a great buck. Suppose you have created an app and connected it with Firebase, you will now find complete information about your created app in Firebase. If your App isn’t running on someone’s mobile, you’ll also have the information about it in Firebase.

You will have all the information about your users who have installed your app in their devices through Firebase. If you want send notification to your users, you can easily send through Firebase. If you have updated your app and want to inform all your users to update your app then you can just send pop-up notification or on screen notification. Firebase also allows you to monitor the Real-Time data of users. Now you have got an idea of Firebase.

What services does Firebase give us?

Firebase gives us lots of service provide such as

1. Cloud Firestore
This service stores the complete information about the users either it may be personal data or any other data.

2. Cloud Functions
This makes the Firebase code to run in the app without any server interruption, so that the user experiences the app smoothly.

3. Authentication
This service protects Firebase users personal data more securely. Even the hackers cannot hack the data from the Firebase server, So that the users personal data will be safe.

4. Real-Time Database
This service provides full information of Firebase users, So the developer can track the users activity in realtime like at this time how many users are using this app and what is open on the app at this time.

5. Increased Speed
It also helps you to increase the Speed of your app. Firebase provides the best hosting for faster accessing.

6. Crashlytics
If the user faces any bugs in the app then Firebase notifies the developer that the particular user has faced some problem and the developer can resolve the issue immediately.

7. Cloud Messaging
You can easily integrate the chat or messaging option in your app using the Firebase cloud Messaging API.

8. Remote Configuration
If you want to add some new features in your App then you easily implement through Firebase Remote Configuration. This will also ensure that the users face zero downtime and does not cause your Real-Time users to have any trouble.

9. Drive Traffic
In this service, Firebase tells you from which location or country the users are using your app and from where the more traffic is coming, So that you can ensure that the users are not facing problem or slow connection.


So guys today in this article I have told you what is Google Firebase? and what Service does it provide us? I hope you have understood “what is Google Firebase?”. If you have any doubts or questions regarding this or any other questions related to Tech you can ask me below in the comments.

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