Google Ditches Dessert Names, Android Q Will Be Called Android 10

Android 10 release

Google is re-branding Android, and it probably is not as complicated as we all think.
So the name remains the same, which means Android is still Android. Google did not rename it to Google OS or something other like that.

However, for representation, the Android logo which was a robot with arms and legs has been changed.

Google has marginally changed the head of that robot and finalized it as the logo.
The antennas are shifted by one degree and the eyes are slightly moved down for the logo to look more human-like. The logo color is now more blueish and less greenish.
The font of representation of Android is also marginally changed with the addition of curves to all characters of the word. Google is writing both name and logo together this time.

Also, Google is officially getting rid of Android names and shifting to numbers. So the upcoming Android version, Android Q is now officially to be known as Android 10.
However, there will still be code names internally for all the Android versions, but finally, the names are changed to numbers.

All of these changes are said to be made to improve the recognition of Android worldwide and an attempt to make it global.

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