Google Camera 7.2 Brings Features To Older Pixel Phones

google camera 7.0

A recent update of the Google Camera 7.2 has brought new features like the Super Res Zoom, and the astounding Astrophotography mode to older Pixel devices. It was tested on Pixel 2 and is said to be compatible with all older Pixel smartphones. 

This following is the changelog for Google Camera 7.2:

  • Enable Astro mode for Pixel 1 & 2
  • Enable Focus options in Night Sight (along with “infinity” – may be same as far)
  • Modded lib for Learned Depth in Portrait Mode (Pixel 2)
  • Enable Super Res Zoom while zoomed or in Night Sight (no zoom required) – this is like Pixel 3 stock
  • Enable auto timer (photobooth), it’s in the selfie camera in the Timer options
  • Enable synthetic fill flash for Pixel 2 and enable SFF in Camera mode for 3a

Google Camera ports have been famous for improving the camera on basically any device, they provide countless features and enhanced photo quality over many stock camera applications. 

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