Facebook’s head office will shift in the US


Facebook has taken another controversial step in the case of data theft. Facebook has made 1.5 billion users out of the law of European privacy. Mark Zuckerberg has so far talked about bringing privacy rules from blog posts and media to GDPU (General Data Protection Regulation). Now it seems that the company is not doing anything more than adding a few permissive screens.

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What steps to take to Facebook?

Facebook users outside the US and Canada are bound according to the company’s terms and conditions of the Ireland operation. However, Facebook is now shifting its international headquarters from California to California, for users outside the US, European Union and Canada. This will leave all the European users out of the European Regulations and enter US law.

1.5 billion Facebook users will have an impact:

Now you should have questioned what would be the loss of users from the US Regulation in the US Regulation? Facebook has planned to make changes to its terms and conditions for its international users. Before the launch of the General Zone Protection Regulation, the jurisdiction will shift from the US to the US. This will cover approximately 1.5 billion US users under US law.

Such a Facebook will reduce the number of liability in large numbers. The laws of European data security are strict and Facebook will get the benefit of billions of dollars on exit from it. According to the Reuters report, 70 percent of Facebook users in Asia, Africa, Australia and Latin America will be affected, i.e. approximately 1.52 billion users.

What is Facebook say?

Regardless of this report, users are not sure about the safety of the users. But Facebook has something else to say in this regard. A statement issued by Facebook said that only the change is being made in the locality and there will be no change in its law. The company has claimed that their privacy policies will remain the same in every sphere. In this sense, it can be said that no decision has been made clearly in relation to the privacy protection of users.

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