sar value

What is SAR Value ?

SAR value is the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). It is a criterion with whose help we can measure how much quantity of electromagnetic waves are being radiated by using any electronic device,...

What is a Server and how does it work?

Server can be a computer or a hardware device or computer program that is loaded in the computer so that it can send data and information to other computers. The job of...
hard reset Oppo or Vivo mobiles

How To hard Reset Oppo or Vivo Mobiles

Oppo and Vivo smartphones are mainly focused on selfie cameras and these smartphones are the most famous Smartphone of the offline market. To hard reset Oppo or Vivo mobiles, we have to follow...
earn money online

How to Earn Money Online From Blogging – How To Start a Blog

Blogs are a hobby for a lot of people, and this can often earn money online. There can hardly be anything better than earning money out of your hobby. There are...

What is USB and how many types are there?

USB is Universal Serial Bus , which has a plug-and-play interface and it helps to communicate with other devices and peripherals. USB-connected devices cover a very large range such as keyboards, mouse, music players,...

What is OLED Displays and how does it works?

Do you know what the OLED displays is? All of you have heard about this OLED display recently, because in both the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this time Manufacturer...
keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows

Some of the most popular keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Windows I have listed some of the most popular and useful Keyboard shortcuts available in Microsoft Windows Alt + Tab Switch between Open Windows Windows Key...

What is PayPal and how does it work?

What is PayPal? PayPal is an American company, which is the world's leading online payment service, which allows an ordinary person or a businessman to transfer and receive funds in an electronic way. Through...
google datally

What is Google Datally App and How does it work?

Google Datally is an initiative of Google's Next Million Users division, which aims at maximizing internet services in countries with limited internet infrastructure. Google was testing datally in the data saver app in the Philippines. The...

Top 5 URL Shortening Websites

In the world of Twitter and Instant messaging, where length of characters is a major restriction, shortening of web address URLs has become very popular. URL shortening is the technique that...