Facebook’s head office will shift in the US

Facebook has taken another controversial step in the case of data theft. Facebook has made 1.5 billion users out of the law of European privacy. Mark Zuckerberg has so far talked about bringing...
amazon browser

Amazon browser fast and lite

Amazon has launched a new browser for Android phone users of India. This Amazon browser claims fast brooding as well as taking less space in the mobile. The browser, which has a size...
Google URL Shortener

Google URL shortener is about to end

Do you know that Google is about to shut down its own popular service from April 13. Yes, Google URL Shortener Service, which shortened the long wide URL of the website or...
aadhaar virtual id

Aadhaar Virtual ID Is Compulsory From June

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has issued a beta version of the Aadhaar virtual ID for those who often owe their base number to banks and elsewhere. After this, now the...

What is Bitcoin, What is Bitcoin Mining? (Complete Guide)

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is an online virtual currency that we can not touch or fill in our wallet. Bitcoin can be used online and you can convert it to a dollar or...