Android 10 Is Finally Here. Here Are The Top 10 Features

android 10

The first Android version after the rebranding by Google, the Android 10 is here, and even though there are no dessert names this time, this version of Android is pretty sweet.

The new Android version is already out on Google devices, and OnePlus and other partners will come up with updates very soon. On that note, OnePlus has just rolled out an Open Beta of its variant of Android 10, so we can expect them to release the update as a whole shortly.

This time there are a lot of things to like in this update by Google. We will talk about some of them in this article.

Android 10 Dark Mode:

The Dark Mode was provided with the first open beta of the new Android and is still here. Most of us love the Dark Mode. It can be activated in settings.

The Dark Mode saves battery, gives a more aggressive look to the interface and is also easy on our eyes.

It is all wonders, and according to us, there is nothing to dislike here.

Gesture Navigation:

The gestures are a good addition to the latest Android. They are smooth, simple and a great update to that Pill navigation style which no one preferred.

We just have to swipe from the right or left edge of the screen to go backwards (Just like in MIUI), pull up from the bottom to go home and check the recent apps (Just like in the iPhones).

We can also swipe diagonally from the bottom to access Google Assistant.


In a new Privacy section under Settings, we can find some important controls like Web & App Activity and Ad Settings in one place

We can choose to only share location data with apps while we are using them. We will also receive reminders when an app that we are not actively using is accessing our location, to decide whether or not to continue sharing. 

With Google Play System Updates, important security and privacy fixes can now be sent to our phone from Google Play just like the apps update. So we get these fixes as soon as they’re available, without having to wait for a full OS update. 

Smart Reply:

Android 10 now comes with Smart Reply which will now suggest actions for notifications or texts that we will receive.

This means when someone sends a message with an address or a video, we can directly navigate in Google Maps or open the video on YouTube. No copying and pasting will be required anymore. 

And the most amazing thing about Smart Reply is that it works across all your favourite messaging apps.

Live Captioning

Live Captioning is a very unique addition to this version of Android.

This feature automatically captions videos, podcasts and audio messages across any app with just one single tap.

Guess what, it even works on the stuff we record ourselves.

Android 10 Digital Wellbeing:

Focus Mode

Android 10 comes with a new Focus Mode which allows us to silence and restrict app usage which is said to help us in focusing more and spend less time on the things from which we will not benefit (Social media, games, etc.)

Family Link

Google has equipped Android with the ability to monitor a linked device. 

We can use these tools to set digital ground rules like daily screen time limits, device bedtime, time limits on specific apps, and a lot more. This also gives us the ability to review the apps which are installed on the linked device and their usage.

This feature will come in handy for all the parents out there to keep an eye on their offsprings.

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