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amazon browser
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Amazon has launched a new browser for Android phone users of India. This Amazon browser claims fast brooding as well as taking less space in the mobile. The browser, which has a size of 2 MB, has also been claimed that it does not ask for any information from the user and offers it a privacy service.

This Amazon Browser app is available for download on Google Play Store. It will work on devices of Android 5.0 Marshmallow or more.

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This is the browser’s specialty

Amazon, the online shopping company, has launched its own unique internet web browser for Indian mobile users. The name of this browser is Internet, which is very light and fast in use. Also, you will also be able to do private browsing on this browser very easily. Amazon has claimed that this browser is not only light and fast in use, but also works better than expected in Slow Internet Speed. Also, its updated files will also be lightweight, which will not load the user’s data pack.

Going into private mode is very easy

The main feature of the Internet web browser is its private mode. Nowadays, most users want to not know about the sites they have open on the mobile browser. This means that surfing details from browser history can not be known. The option of private mode or incognito window is present on many browsers, but on the internet browser, two simple modes are given by normal and private names. Through which you can easily surf the internet by changing the persistent mode without any hassles.

Just 2 MB browser

Amazon’s web browser is less than 3 MB in downloading. Because of the lighter, this browser is very fast and opens fastly on the phone and does not hang easily. It is believed that this browser will be much better for the Android Oreo 8.0 smartphone.

There are many great features

The company has claimed on the Play Store that it does not ask for any permissions to use the application Private Mode. Not just this, like other web browsers, this browser does not collect user’s private data. The News, Cricket and Entertainment news coming from Top and Famous News Sources, on this browser’s home page makes it easier for users to work.

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