Aadhaar Virtual ID Is Compulsory From June

    aadhaar virtual id
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    Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has issued a beta version of the Aadhaar virtual ID for those who often owe their base number to banks and elsewhere. After this, now the common people will not have to give their Aadhaar number everywhere and instead they can complete the work by giving the Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID).

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    The Authority has already said that it is mandatory for service providers to accept a 16-digit Aadhaar virtual ID in place of the base number from June 1, 2018, for the purpose of verification. It is clear that now no need to give the Aadhaar number to avail the facilities. Simply put, with this new feature, the Aadhaar will have to tell only the 16-digit Virtual ID (VID) number instead of specifying its 12 digit base number for authentication and verification. According to UIDAI, users will be able to generate their own VIDs themselves.

    What is Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID)?

    A virtual ID would be a 16 digit code which can be used instead of the base number. In order to avail the facilities, it will not be mandatory to provide a 12 digit base number. People will be able to use virtual ID instead. This will safeguard the identity of the people.

    Virtual ID will eliminate the compulsion to provide a base number everywhere. This will allow the details of the details like name, age, address etc to be kept safe. Aadhaar virtual ID is a kind of temporary number. There will be only a few details in this. If someone has to give details of their base somewhere, then they can give VID number instead of the base.

    This will be a digital ID. It can be generated only from UIDAI portals. It will be valid for one day. That is, it is necessary to get it daily if needed.

    How to generate Aadhaar VID?

    • Click here resident.uidai.gov.in to Visit the UIDAI homepage.
    • Enter your Aadhaar number. After this, insert the security code and click on Send OTP.
    • OTP will be found on registered mobile number.
    • After entering the OTP, you will get the option of generating a new Vid.
    • When it is generated, your virtual ID will be sent on your mobile. I.e. It will be in the number of 16 digits.
    • This virtual ID can be generated as many times as you want and the old Vid will be useless as new ID is generated.
    • It will be a special thing that the virtual ID can not be copied.

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    What is the use of Aadhaar VID?

    • This will give you the option of not sharing the original Aadhaar number at the time of verification.
    • Various things like verification of name, address and photograph will be verified from virtual ID.
    • A user will be able to generate as many virtual cards as they want.
    • Old ID itself will be canceled.
    • Authorized agencies will not be allowed to generate virtual IDs from the Aadhaar card holder.

    UIDAI has said that in recent days there have been many questions about the identity of the Aadhaar. Keeping this in view, new processes have been started to further strengthen the base. It is notable that till date, 119 crore Aadhaar cards have been made in the country. It is being used in such departments as banks, telecom, public distribution and income tax.

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