6 Best Ways To Increase Computer Speed

increase computer speed
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How to increase computer speed? When Our Computer Works Slow, Our Half Time Only Goes In To See The Monitor, Because Many Software Takes A Lot Of Time To Work And If Your Computer Is Slow, Then The Software Will Take More Time It Will Be Difficult To Get Your Computer Working.

That’s Why Many Users Question Why Their Computer Is Slow, When They Took The Computer New, Their Computer Was Very Good, But As Computers Became Old, The Speed Of The Computer Decreased, Then For Their Question, Our The Close Answer Is That There Can Be Several Reasons For The Slow Down Of The Computer. In This Article, You Have Given 6 Tips To Follow That You Can Increase The Speed Of Your Computer.

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Keep Free Space In Computer

Maybe You Do Not Know When Our Computer’s Hard Disk Gets Filled Then Our Computer Starts Working Slow. But Many People Think That Due To The Hard Disk Being Empty Or The Hard Disk Is Full, What Is The Speed To Take? But Let Us Tell You That When Your Computer’s Hard Disk Is Full Then The Computer Has To Use Hard Disk Space To Process The Data It Contains. If You Do Not Have Space In Your Hard Disk, It Will Take Maximum Time To Process Computer Data.

So There Is Only One Solution That You Can Keep Your Computer’s Hard Disk Up To Free. If You Keep More Data In Your Computer, Then You Should Use The External Hard Drive And Save The Data You Use Less In Your External Hard Drive. Which Will Keep Your Computer’s Hard Disk Free And The Speed Of The Computer Will Remain

Uninstall The Unwanted Programs

Many Times We Install Software On Our Computer For Testing Only, But We Forget To Uninstall It Later Due To Which It Remains In Our Computer And Many Software Auto-Start Means That When The Window Starts So That Software Also Starts. In Such A Way, The Software Uses Your Computer’s RAM And Processor So That Without Speed, Your Computer Speed Decreases, Then You Can Uninstall Such Software From Your Computer.

To Uninstall, Go To Control Panel On Your Computer And Go To Program & Feature. You Will Find That Software By Clicking On It To Uninstall It.

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Disable Startup Programs

As I Mentioned Earlier In The Point I Mentioned That Some Software Is Such That Starts With The Window And These Programs Slow Down The Speed Of Your Computer. Because When Your Window Starts, These Startup Programs Start Using Your Computer’s RAM And Processor, Due To Which The Computer Can Not Complete The Entire RAM And Processor To Start Another Program And It Works Slow.

To Turn Them Off, Press The “Ctrl + Alt + Dlt” Button On Your Keyboard And Open The Task Manager And You Have To Go To The Startup Tab And Turn Off All The Extra Programs That Are There.

Turn Off Visual Effects

Visual Effects Of Windows 7, Window 8, Window 10 Is The Lowest Hand, Because When You Take A Computer Laptop, The Graphics Do Not Pay Attention To The Memory. If You Only Take A Computer To See RAM And Hard Disk, Then Its Speed Is Reduced But The Reason Is Not Known To Anyone.

So To Close This Effect, First Go To Control Panel And Search In The Search Box In The Left Side.

Again Click On The Appearance And Perfromance Of Window

Then Click On Custom And Click On Show Thumbnails Of Choice, Smooth Edges Of Screen Font, Smooth Scroll List Box And Save As Shown In The Photo.

Use CC Cleaner

Download CC Cleaner 

If Your Graphic System Is Right Then Your Temporary File And Corrupted Files Are More Than Enough, This File Is Not With You But This File Is Also Included In Reducing Computer Speed. CC Cleaner Is A Software That Deletes Any Temporary File Or Corrupted File In Your Computer Or The Internet’s Cache File, Cookies, It Will Delete The Speed Of Your Computer And The Space Of Your Hard Disk Will Also Be Empty .

  • You Can Download And Install This Software And Install It. It Can Also Be Used On Windows XP
  • As Soon As You Open The Software, You Will Get A Screen Similar To That Shown In The Photo.
  • Tick ​​The Number 1 Window And Application To Clean The File.
  • After Clicking On The Analysis, The Detail Will Come In Front Of You Which Of The Files Will Be Deleted. If You Think There Is A Work File, Then Untick It And Then Analyze It And Click Run Cleaner.

Windows Repeat

If You Do Not Make Any Changes To Your Computer After Using The Above Given Trick, Then You Have A New Window Installed In The Computer, Because Many Times It Happens That Our Computer Gets Slow Due To Any Virus And The Virus Anti-Virus Can Not Even Be Removed. That’s Why We Need To Install A New Window In Our Computer.

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Today In This Article, We Told You How You Can Increase The Speed Of Your Computer And We Can Tell You These Simple Steps. This Was The Best Tips To Help You Increase The Speed Of Your Computer. But If All This Does Not Work Then You Have To Upgrade Your Computer.

If Your Computer Has 4GB Of RAM, Then You Have To Increase It To 8GB And If Your Processor Is Outdated You Will Have To Upgrade The Processor In Your Own Computer Too. Because Of The Old Hardware Too, The Speed Of The Computer Becomes Slow.

If You Have Any Tips That Can Increase The Speed Of The Computer, Then Comment Down The Comment Box Below.

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